FWAP-1550H FTTH 16 puerto PON CATV WDM EDFA fibra óptica amplificador combinador


FWAP-1550H – high-power fiber amplifier is the latest optical transmission system equipment, realizing to combine optical signal OLT XPON/XG(S)-PON and 1550nm CAT, and amplify the CATV signal as well. The optical input number: 1 port of CATV or 2 redundant CATV inputs + 16 ports PON input ports. 16 ports outputs of 1550nm+1490nm/1310nm & 1270/1577nm combine output, of which the total output power range of 1550nm is 27 ~ 37dBm. Multiple output power can be matched according to user demand.

Profiber’s high-power WDM EDFA is well compatible with the OLT/ONU of HUAWEI, ZTE, FiberHome, etc and no data is lost, which owns high cost performance. It is mainly used for XPON / XG(S)-PON structure fiber to home(FTTH) and fiber to the building(FTTB).

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