Sangoma Vega 3000G 24 FXS Gateway

The Sangoma Vega 3000G is a 24FXS port analog gateway with SIP support and is scalable for large deployments. The Vega 3000G offers voice, fax and modem support.

Sangoma Vega 3000G 24 FXS Gateway Overview

The Sangoma Vega 3000G was designed to help ease to integration of your old telephone system and new VoIP system by allowing you to connect analog devices. The Vega 3000G helps with transitioning by extending compatibility with a wide range of IP equipment and legacy equipment.

This Sangoma Vega Gateway has the ability to be configured for different country requirements such as line impedance and tones.

Sangoma Vega 3000G Features and Functions:

  • Up to 24 VoIP channels
  • QoS statistics reporting
  • SIP to SIP call routing
  • Emergency call routing
  • USB 2.0 for extra storage
  • Low-density PSTN gateway
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