Es un Gateway Voip Análogo de 8 Puertos FXS de Audiocodes

Audiocodes MP-118-FXS VoIP Gateway with 8 FXS Ports External VoIP Gateway




The AudioCodes MP-118 is a cost-effective, best-of-breed technology products. The MP-118 is a stand-alone analog VoIP Gateway that provides superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems with IP-based telephony networks, as well as for integration with new IP-based PBX systems. This VoIP gateway is designed and tested to be fully interoperable with leading Softswitches, SIP servers and H.323 gatekeepers.

AudioCodes MP-118 is well suited for commercial VoIP deployment because of its mature and field-proven voice and fax technology. The rich feature set allows integration with a wide range of Carriers and Enterprise network applications. The MP-118 gateway is used by Carriers and Service Providers in Access networks for connecting Multi-Tenant Units (MTU), IP Centrex subscribers, payphones and rural users over various wireless and satellite links. Enterprises use the AudioCodes MP-118 VoIP gateway to connect their legacy PBX systems over an IP infrastructure. In addition, in IP Centrex and central IP-PBX applications, the MP-118 increases the remote location availability and provides Stand Alone Survivability (SAS) when there is no IP connection between branch locations and the central SIP servers, SIP
Proxy or central IP-PBX.




  • Voice Ports – 8 ports
  • Telephone Interfaces – FXS, RJ11
  • Lifeline – Automatic cut through of a single analog line
  • Network Interface – 10/100 BASE-TX, RJ45
  • Indicators – Channel satus and activity LEDS
    Voice, Fax, Modem
  • Voice over Capabilities – Packet G.168-2004 Echo Cancelation, VAD, CNG, Dynamic programmable Jitter Buffer, modem detection and auto-switch to PCM
  • Voice Compression – G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A, EG.711, G.722
  • Fax over IP – T.38 compliant, Group 3 fax relay up to 14.4 kbps with automatic switching to PCM or ADPCM
  • 3-Way Conference – 3-Way conference with local mixing
  • VLAN QoS – DiffServ, TOS, 802.1 p/Q VLAN tagging
  • IP Transport – RTP/RTCP per IETF RFC 3550 and 3551 PPPoE, ThruPacketTM (aggregated RTP streams of several channels for saving network bandwidth)
  • Signaling – FXS, FXO Loop-start
  • In-band Signaling – DTMF (TIA 464B), user-defined and call progress tones
  • Out-of-Band Signaling – DTMF Relay (RFC 2833), DTMF via SIP INFO
  • Control – MGCP (RFC 2- 05), H.323 (V4), SIP (RFC 3261)
  • Protocols – BootP, DHCP, TFTP and HTTP for Automatic Installation, DHCP options 66.67 in auto update mode, Remote management using Web browser, EMS (Element Management System) / SNMP V3
    Syslog support, RS-232 for basic configuration (via CLI), Voice Menu using touch tone phone for basic configuration
  • Media – SRTP
  • Control – H.235, IPSEC, TLS/SIPS
  • Management – HTTPS, Access List, IPSEC
    Additional Features
  • Message Waiting Indication – Applying 100V DC online for lighting bulb in handset, FSK, Stutter Dial Tone
  • High Availability – PSTN Fallback: Support of PSTN fallback due to Power failure, if the IP connection is down or due to customer defined IP QOS thresholds, Stand Alone Survivability (SAS): Supports SAS of up to 25 SIP users (UA) per MediaPack
  • Short and long – Haul REN3: Up to 5.5km (24 AWG line for single phone)
  • Ring voltage – Sine: 54 VRMS typical (balanced ringing only)
  • Ring Frequency – 25-100Hz
  • Maximum Ringer – Load REN3
  • Loop Impedance – Up to 1500 ohm for the MP-11x, Up to 1600 ohm for the MP-124 (including phone impedance)
  • Lifeline – Supported in all ports of Mixed FXS/FXO and in first port of MP-114/FXS and MP-118/FXS using special Lifeline cable
  • Caller ID – Bellcore GR-30-CORE Type 1 using Bell 202 FSK modulation, ETSI Type 1, NTT, Denmark, India, Brazil, British and DTMF ETSI CID, (ETS 300-659-1)
  • Polarity Reversal / Wink – Immediate or smooth to prevent erroneous ringing
  • Metering Tones – 12/16 KHz sinusoidal bursts, Generation on FXS
  • Distinctive Ringing – By frequency (15-100 Hz) and cadence patterns
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